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JuWu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou,Yangtze River Delta , JUWU keeps in the world No.1 spunbond machinery and top 5 multi-die spunmelt solution,its PP nonwoven , pigments well-known too . JuWu machinery has abroad customer base at CHINA and abroad , the success of on-line more than 400 sets. The domestic marketis mainly distributed in Hebei Province , Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang ,Guangdong , Guangxi Province, China ; foreign markets mainly distributed in :Vietnam, Singapore , Indonesia, India , Iran, Turkey, Pakistan , Russia,Poland. Has been adhering ; Germany integrity, refinement of new industry ;purpose, adhere ; focus on quality, focus on service ; 's business philosophy,through its own high-tech technology to make backup team and partners toprovide customers with quality service. ; Promote customer development ,achievement of our own ; is our consistent pursuit.

Corporate Culture

JuWu aim : customerfirst , to win credibility , quality, and service quality. Business philosophy:

a quality - the basis of the image ; .Technologies - Key take-off ; management - the eternal theme ; innovation - thesource of development .

b. rely on staff management companies relyon technology to improve the quality , relying on quality to win the market ,rely on innovation for development.

Team Awareness: I rely on business survival , companies rely on my development ; Mycorporate efforts, corporate profit for me .

JuWu style:

a. pragmatic , efficient, civilized , hardwork .

b. truth-seeking , pragmatic, hardworkingand efficient.

JuWu martial spirit :

a. love, dedication , pioneering andenterprising .

b. dedication, diligence , hard work andinnovation.

c. dedication, struggle , pioneering andinnovative

Ethics :

a. user is god , the service is a basicduty.

b. customer first, service first.

JuWu  image: businesslaw, management science , practitioners civilization , work style , qualityservice and excellent quality , skilled and innovative.

Quality policy : advanced technology , scientific management, engineering, productquality, integrity Connaught services in place.

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