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SMMS 3-Anti Medical Nonwoven Production Line

09 拷贝 

In the JUWU SMMS nonwoven process, polymers are transformed into endless filaments by 4 dies melting and stretching, and then deposited together on the end wire mesh belt. The conversion of granulate into nonwoven takes place in a single production step the same as single die line.The nonwoven fabric produced from Juwu lines which sometimes have to bear up extreme stresses and to fulfil highest safety requirements: variations in temperature, humidity or extreme dryness or friction - without losing their shape and resistance.

Surgical mask Disposable garments Surgical drapes Shoe covers

Technical Advantage:
Since the introduction of JUWU self developed technology, it has been possible to reliably produce especially light nonwovens high-quality uniform basis weights of 7-10 grams(M:1gsm/S:2.5gsm) per square meter are standard with the SMMS process.furthermore beams optional

Plant Description:
Working width: 2400mm 3200mm or customerized
Runing Speed:  600mpm (production)
Unit Weight: 7gsm-150gsm

Additional with punching offline for soft and fluffy quality (Optional)

Extruder: JW design JWELL or REIFENHAUSER made

Die: JW design Enka made

Spinneret: JW design KASEN or ENKA or Extrusion made,JW has its own OEM spinneret facilites located Jiangsu and Zhejiang area

Annual Capacity:   6000kg-10000kg

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